Thursday, April 22, 2010

PT8420 - Industrial Cable-extension Transducers

The PT8420 is part of our industrial line of cable-extension transducers. This series has a measurement range of up to 60 inches.

The PT8420 with its 4-20 mA feedback signal, is ideal for monitoring the stroke of a hydraulic cylinder and other applications requiring position data acquisition in harsh environments.

The PT8420 provides a feedback signal that is proportional to the linear movement of a traveling stainless-steel extension cable . Simply mount the body of the transducer to a fixed surface and attach the extension cable to the moving object.

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Crease Bend Tester Just Released

The B0012 Crease Bend Tester is used to monitor scoring equipment to ensure box performance, by measuring the bending resistance of creased board at the time of folding at the crease.  It measures the maximum force required to bend the sample board.

Corrugated converters use the Crease Bend Tester to aid in making adjustments to improve the quality; thus ensuring the end user will have boxes that run effectively on their production line.

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MT3A - Automotive and Aerospace Testing String Pot Built for Harsh Wet Environments

The MT3A is the solution for high-acceleration test applications in potentially wet environments. It comes in 4 different full-stroke ranges, has a high-tension heavy-duty measuring cable designed for the demands of flight and automotive crash tests and comes with an easy to use 2-axis 360 degree rotation mounting bracket for installation in hard to fit areas.

For extreme high impact applications, the MT3A is now available with a rugged all aluminium sensor cover.

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IT9101 - Inclinometer

The IT9101 is a rugged and simple device which provides a voltage divider feedback signal for incline position. The heart of the IT9101 is a magnetically-damped pendulum coupled to a conductive plastic precision potentiometer.

A highly linear relationship between inclination and the output signal is maintained over the full range of the IT9101. The inclinometer has an operating temperature of -34 to 90 degrees Celsius.

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IDM Instruments introduces tissue box peel tester

IDM Instruments has just released a tissue box peel tester.

The peel tester was developed to simulate the peeling of the top perforated cover of tissue boxes. The peel tester simulates the angle that the box is held before peeling. The force is measured to compare and adjust production machines. The angle of the tissue box can also be adjusted at any time to simulate different scenarios.

The tissue box is operated using a pneumatic clamp that peels the perforated section of the tissue box.

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