Friday, October 18, 2013

PAPER INDUSTRY TESTING SOLUTIONS (Cobb Testing - Spectrophotomer - Conditioning Cabinet)


Cobb Moisture Test Rings & Rollers

Model:   C0005 & C0006

This method for measuring water absorption of sized papers is used  all over the world.  A dry test piece of paper is placed under the cylinder and 100ml of water is poured over the test piece.  After following test procedures, the sample is then weighed again and the results  are calculated and reported as absorptiveness in grams per m2, according to the standard method.  Ring sizes available: 100cm2, 50cm2, 25cm2, 10cm2


Model:   ColorTouch PC 

The ColorTouch measures colour evaluation, brightness, fluorescence, whiteness & opacity.  A Windows based software package operates the ColorTouch PC.  This unique software provides the operator ultimate flexibility to develop and design specific operational presentations.  The unit also provides capabilities for analysing data from several different measurements and evaluating historical trends.

Rapid Conditioning Cabinet

Model:   R0013 

The Rapid Conditioning Cabinet pre-conditions paper samples in an approximate 30 minute period, to standard laboratory environment conditions by using the Laboratory air as the final conditioning process,  prior to physical testing.

INK & GRAPHIC PRINTING INDUSTRY TEST SOLUTIONS (Gloss Meter - Inkometer - Impact Tester)


Tri-Gloss Meter

Model:   ETB268-F2


This popular hand-held gloss measurement unit (multi-angle 20°, 60°, 85°) is used for assessment of coatings and finishing surfaces, such as, paints, varnishes, printing ink on materials such as marble, granite, polishing brick, ceramic tile, metals, plastic, wood surfaces and paper.

Electronic Inkometer

Model:   1100


The Inkometer 1100 measures tack of printing ink under conditions closely approximating the dynamic conditions of the ink-distribution system of a printing press.  The instrument provides high accuracy and efficiency to improve quality by measuring integrated forces involved in ink film splitting as well as effects of roller speed, film thickness, temperature and solvent evaporation.

Du-Pont Impact tester

Model:   I0007


The DuPont Impact Tester has been designed to test endurance of coated material impacted by a falling weight at specified points.  The purpose is to see if test specimens resist the effect of rapid impact by a falling weight at a fixed height.  Damage or deformation of the test specimen is checked after the impact.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Portable Foam Compression Tester from IDM


Why measure foam hardness? 
All foamers measure the density of their product. Not all foamers, however, measure foam hardness. Foam hardness has a major influence on the comfort factor of the furniture, bedding or automotive product in which it is used. Variation in hardness is one of the most common complaints from customers.

Trying to judge the hardness of a foam sample by hand-feel is almost impossible. Every person will have a different opinion. To ensure consistent Quality Control of foam production, it is necessary to have an industry recognised foam hardness test procedure that will give an accurate, recordable value.

The foam industry measures foam hardness by various different tests.These can be grouped as either ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) or CLD (Compression Load Deflection) type tests.

The test procedure first measures the thickness of the foam sample (pre-load). It is then compressed 3 times to 30% of its original thickness (pre-flex) at a defined speed.

Finally, the sample is compressed to 60% of its original thickness and the force necessary to do this is measured and recorded.  This force, normally expressed as pressure in kilopascals (kPa), is the hardness value.

Software Features:

• Controlled via standard USB connection
• Windows based software (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 operating systems)
• Test parameters displayed with graph simultaneously.
• Up to 20 Test Methods programmable
• Printable Reports generated in Adobe Acrobat® pdf format
• Auto Save feature
• Real time graphic display of data
• Selectable graphical display presentation
• Calibration File to calibrate the instrument
• Statistical analysis

• Overlay display of data curve possible during tests

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Coefficient of Friction (COF) - Static & Kinetic Reporting

At a time when “value for money” is key for global customers, can you afford not to use IDM Instruments?

Coefficient of Friction describes the force of two materials which are pressed and/or rubbed against each other.  IDM’s model C0008 Coefficient of Friction (COF) Tester has been manufactured to determine the static & kinetic friction of a range of materials including coatings, composites, flexible packaging, foils, linoleum, metal, paper, rubber and more.

Surfaces that are pressed together without movement are tested to determine a value of “static friction” where the same surfaces which are pressed together in movement is determined as a value of “kinetic friction”.  Coefficient of static friction usually results in a larger value than that of coefficient of kinetic values.

Optional COF software provides stastistical analysis, test identification, adjustable data collection limits and many other features.  With 0.3% of full scale accuracy, real time readings in either kg, lb or N and variable speed selection, IDM’s COF Tester has earned its worldwide reputation as the most robust, reliable and user friendly model in todays market.


Board Stiffness and crease recovery are key characteristics that affect the running performance of cartons on high speed packaging machines.
Crease & Board Stiffness Testers are utilised by board manufacturers, printers and packing companies in order to supply an accurate reading of board stiffness and crease recovery before placing the finished products on the packaging line.  Pre-testing materials in this fashion prevents waste and increases packaging speeds.

IDM’s C0039 Crease & Stiffness Tester is well known for it’s accuracy (0.1%FS), repeatability and affordability.
Options for the Crease and Stiffness Tester include a Cutter to quickly prepare sample test pieces and software to automatically capture the output of results to a PC.  Crease and Stiffness Ratios can then be calculated, test results can be saved and printed.  This makes IDM's model even easier to use.
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