Friday, June 30, 2017

Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide Gas Analyzer for Food Packaging

Professional O2 & CO2 Gas Measurement
•  Flexible Packaging   •   Food Packaging   •   Pharmaceuticals

The 1637-5 Mk II Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer incorporates industry proven Zirconia Oxygen sensor, revised to extend sensor life, paired with a purpose built CO2 measuring cell.
This unit is designed for both sample and hold measurement of modified atmosphere packaging, or for continuous monitoring.
The Zirconia Oxygen sensor used in the 1637-Mk II has been used extensively in industry for over 20 years. The sensor is built in Australia by patented technology developed by the CSIRO. It has proven to be highly robust and provide virtually drift-free measurement for many years of operation. The Oxygen sensor itself can be automatically calibrated in ambient air requiring no special tools or expensive equipment.
·  Bluetooth  data downloading
·  User programmable process alarm thresholds ®
·  Large display shows Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide in real time
·  Accurate, rapid response Zirconia O2 sensor: 1ppm to 100%
·  Sturdy non-dispersive Infrared CO2 sensor, 0 to 100%
·  Very low maintenance
·  Internal storage for 3680 samples
·  4 x field programmable output relays
·  2 x fully isolated range programmable
·  4-20mA outputs

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Automated Cornell Type Tester by IDM

The Cornell Type Tester is used to test the long term capacity of bedding to resist cyclic loading.  The machine consists of a double hemispherical ram head on an adjustable shaft.  A load cell is located at the ram head to measure the force being applied to the bedding.

IDM has designed a Fully Automated Cornell Type Tester (model C0044-M2) which features:
  • PC & Operator Prompted Software
  • Adjustable Ram Head
  • Load Cell Capacity: 500lbF (2200N)
  • Multiple safety features
  • Printable Data Sheets and Data Storage
  • Real-time / remote PC and operational support by IDM via TeamViewer, Skype and other available sources
The ram head is automatically lowered so that the load/position data can be recorded for a few cycles.  This procedure is automatically performed at the start of the test and the subsequently at the end of each of the stages.

Our unique software offers automatic and/or manually adjustable parameters and a two page colour report is generated for printing.  Reports include both Load Deformation Results Graph and Cyclic Load Limit Characteristics and an Analysis Sheet.

IDM can assist with installation and training of this equipment upon request. Contact us for more information.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Friday, June 9, 2017


Offering world wide support for equipment sales, calibration & service, IDM is a global leading manufacturer and supplier of quality testing solutions for various industries. 

IDM Instruments Pty Ltd - Finalist for the 2017 International Trade & Export Award

The international exchange of goods and services is vital to world economy, and the International Trade & Export Awards 2017 are dedicated to recognising the achievements of trade, export and import firms across the globe.

Chosen through a combination of votes gathered from a network of respected industry partners, and rigorous in-house research conducted by Trade-Monthly, IDM is proud to have received recognition as a finalist for the 2017 International Trade & Export Award. 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

PU Tech Asia 2017

Visit IDM's Thailand representative, Calserve (Thailand) Co., Ltd, at the upcoming PU Tech Asia Expo
Located at the Bangkok International trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangna, Bangkok, Thailand, this year's expo is running 11th to 12th July.
PU Tech Asia 2017 is aimed to be "Southeast Asia's Polyurethane Industry Meeting Point"